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REady2Scale - Real Estate Investing

Apr 3, 2019

“It goes back to the mindset shift, or the flip of the switch in your mind and in your heart, where you know you have to make a change to better yourself. You have to be accepting of that switch and just know there’s no other option than doing this.”

Danny Randazzo and his Partner/Wife experienced an incredible shift in their mindsets and backed it up with some radical steps in achieving their dream of building a multifamily real estate portfolio.

Selling all their possessions in the Bay Area, CA., and bravely moving to Charleston, South Carolina, their target market, they gambled it all.

In this episode, you’ll learn the power of “flipping the switch”, why multifamily investing is ideal for passive investors, and how being open to opportunity and prepared can prove the concept YOU ARE AN INVESTOR.

Listen to the exhilarating experience Danny had in closing on his first 2 Commercial Buildings totaling $1MM and allowing nothing to hold him back from making his vision a reality.

Inspiration guaranteed.

Danny’s Bio:

In his career, Danny Randazzo has done 13 deals and controls over $21MM worth of real estate and 163 multifamily units. Danny has successfully purchased various types of deals: on market, off market, mailing owners, short sale, and courthouse foreclosure sale. In addition, Danny has been a featured speaker at the Best Ever Conference, hosted a local real estate meet up, and volunteered with The First Tee of Greater Charleston to teach about life/golf.

How to Reach Danny:

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