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REady2Scale - Real Estate Investing

Dec 4, 2019

If you’ve considered expanding your portfolio, today’s episode will introduce you to a niche asset: farmland. Brandon Silveira, founder of FarmFundr, explains why farmland is a valuable asset and shares his creative approach at investing in it through crowdfunding.

In this episode you will learn how to assess farmland as an asset, including what kind of interesting criteria is used in running comps. In addition, if you’ve considered implementing a crowdfunding aspect to your business, Brandon shares the how the process works from beginning to end. This weeks episode is full of unique and stimulating information!

Asset: Brandon explains how farmland is a unique asset, and why it’s a good addition to diversifying your portfolio.

Process: If you’re interested in crowdfunding, this episode will give you several valuable insights on how to implement this into your business.

Strategy: Farmland is very unique in comparison to traditional real estate investments. Brandon shares how the strategy for farmland is structured, and how to ensure investing it can ultimately yield positive returns.

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Brandon’s Bio:

Brandon Silveira is a fourth-generation farmer and real estate investor. He graduated from California Polytechnic University San Luis Obispo with an agricultural degree. After graduating, Brandon started his career in the agricultural industry, and has experience managing and farming a variety of crops.

Brandon has bought and sold millions in real estate and currently manages over $100 million in assets. Brandon’s farm management company was recognized in 2012 for achieving over 900% growth, and was listed on the “INC. Magazine” list of fastest growing companies at number 701. It was the only agricultural company on the list.

Brandon’s specialty is in farm management, land acquisition and a variety of farm and land financing and strategies. His passion is to bridge the gap between the farm and the consumer. Brandon launched the platform FarmFundr in pursuit of that passion.  FarmFundr makes investing in farmland, simple. Investors can rest assured they are working with a professional that has a demonstrated history of thriving in the farming industry.

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