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REady2Scale - Real Estate Investing

Sep 8, 2018

Joe Fairless went from feeling unfulfilled in his advertising job to becoming one of the most well-known real estate investors and coaches in America. He shares the story of his first deal and how unexperienced investors can seal the deal on their first multifamily property. He tells the story of his first experiences with brokerage firms, dealing with a Master Lease, and the challenges he experienced as a first-time investor. This episode is all about taking those first steps into multifamily investing and how to trust yourself along the way.

 Key Points:

  • If you are trying to get into real estate but have no experience or track record, it will be hard to get in the game. But you can’t build a track record without getting in the game. To bypass this catch 22, you can partner with someone who has experience. Find a way to add value to that person and the door will be open for you.
  • Every no leads you closer to a yes. Don’t let the obstacles discourage you from getting what you want.
  • Being an entrepreneur is risky, no doubt about it. However, it’s actually riskier not to be one.
  • The key to success is to help people get what they If you find what people want and give it to them, you’ll get everything you want.


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